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Jon Jones defended his title few days ago against Glover Teixeira in a dominant fashion. Looks like there is no way to stop this guy who is now 18-0 in his career. Respect to this great champio who thanks all his victories to Christ his saviour.

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Watch a great fight between Croatian Stipe Bekavac and American Eddie Sanchez where everything ends within first minute of the fight with a great knockout lended from Stipe!

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Best 20 Brutal knockouts in UFC

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Sometimes refs make mistakes, sometimes they stop the fight before they really should, but sometimes those stoppages are way too late and dangerous.

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Badr Hari fights at the Border presents It’s Showtime event, 2009-02-08 Antwerp, Belgium

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K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 in Seoul

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K1 knockout collection from Badr Hari

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Good K1 show and decent fight

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Nice punching which resulted with knockout and Lavar’s win

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Best MMA Knockouts

MMA – Gary Goodridge vs Oleg Taktarov

Gary Goodridge knocked out Oleg Taktarov

K-1 WGP (Part 2) – Remy Bonjasky versus...

Remy Bonjasky battle against Paul Slowinski in K-1 World GP in 2008.

MMA – Stuart Rickman versus Ed Howard

MMA fighter Stuart Rickman takes Ed Howard on his debut MMA fight.

PRIDE 2 – Marco Ruas vs Gary Goodridge

Awesome heel lock submission by Marco Ruas at PRIDE 2 event.

K1 – Badr Hari vs Alistair Overeem K-1...

Badr knocked out Alistar with nice high kick!

Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi

Awesome armbar by Fedor Emelianenko on Hong Man Choi

Cage Rage 20 – Robbie Olivier vs Imanari

Robbie Oliver taking on Imanari "master of leglock" at cage rage 20! Nice ...

Elite XC – Eddie Alvarez versus Ross Ebanez

Eddie Alvarez takes Ross Ebanez in ShoXC lightweight fight in Elite XC stadium. ...

MMA – Bas Rutten versus Minoro Suzuki

Bas Rutten clash against Minoro Suzuki in MMA battlefield.

Pride 17 – Kazushi Sakuraba Vs Wanderlei Silva

MMA master Wanderlei Silva knocked out Kazushi Sakuraba at Pride 13. Cro cop, wanderlei ...

K-1 – Bob Sapp versus Tommy Glanville

Bob Sapp battle against Tommy Glanville in K-1 arena.

Rio Heroes Valetudo MMA – Cafu Santos versus...

Cafu Santos and Jose Gledson battled each other in Rio Heroes Valetudo MMA ...

MMA – Anderson Silva vs Roan Carneiro

Anderson Silva showed his great moves to his opponent Roan Carneiro and knocks ...

ADCC – Ricco Rodriguez versus Antonio “Minotauro” Nogueira

Ricco Rodriguez and Antonio "Minotauro" Nogueira breath taking fights in ADCC last 2005.

PRIDE – Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipović: The PRIDE...

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović selected and highlighted knockouts on PRIDE events Mirko "Cro ...

K1-Dynamite – Hong Man Choi versus Akebono

Hong Man Choi knocked out Akebono in K1-Dynamite arena.